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Ranibari Community Forest, Kathmandu

Ranibari Community Forest is located in the north-western part of Kathmandu. It is one of the few remaining natural forest in the valley. This is probably one and only community forest in urban setting of Nepal. The forest is floristically rich for native plant species as well as for home for many migratory and residential birds. The 6.95 hectare area of forest is surrounded by dense human settlements. Since there are no other open areas and parks in vicinity it receives tremendous pressure as a recreational site and large number of people visits the community forests every day.

The Ranibari Community Forest was used as a place to conduct Diwali pooja (worship to the ancestral God) by the kings of the Shah dynasty. It was turned into a community forest some 16 years ago.

A bird and biodiversity conservation learning center has been established in the Ranibari Community Forest.