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Bandipur is an ancient trading town of quaint streets and charming atmosphere. It is situated on a ridgetop south of Dumre which lies 135 km out on the Kathmandu -Pokhara highway. Bandipur can be reached after a two-hour climb from Dumre.  While the other trading posts of the Nepali hills have modernised, Bandipur retains its age old cultural attributes. It still has its temples, shrines, holy caves and a newari architecture that harks back to the Kathmandu Valley of old.

The best way to Bandipur is to arrive by mid-day at Dumre Bazaar from Pokhara or Kathmandu, and to hike it up. You can also take a bus or a jeep up on the link road.

Bandipur has a mountain resort hotel and another is coming up. Several bed-and-breakfast places are also available.

Hill Way Cafe : Offer 2 rooms and price about Rs 350 per night. Contact 065- 520120
New Guest House : Offer rooms on Rs 600 per night. Contact 065-520079
Bandipur Guest House : Offer rooms on Rs 350 to 450 per night. Contact 065-690634
Hotel Samayabaji : Offer rooms on Rs 500 per night. Dormitory also available on Rs 125.  Contact 065-690640

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