Cozy  Restaurant

The cozy restaurant is located in the premise of the New Pokhara Lodge, lakeside. The main aim of this small restaurant is to provide healthy (hygiene) food to the customer. Some time people got sick because of the poor quality food in restaurant down by the road, where they do not keep clean.

Many customer suggested us to open a safe and clean restaurant. So we have opened a very small but healthy and clean restaurant in side the lodge premise.

We serve very few items only. No thing will be ready before your order. Every thing will be prepare after your ordered. So you can imagine that the freshness of your foods. The capacity of the restaurant is just 20 pax.

Lunch & Dinner




Special Nepalese food

Veg / chicken


Plan rice  


Fried rice

Veg / chicken

2.00 / 2.50
Fried noodles

Veg / chicken

2.00 / 2.50
Metho (Cutlets with french fries and steam vegetables)

Veg / chicken

2.00 / 2.50

Veg / chicken

1.50 / 2.00
Roast chicken with french fries and steamed vegetable   3.50
Boneless chicken pieces, steamed vegetables and french fries   3.50
Soup ( vegetable, mushroom, tomatoes )  




Muesli 1.00
Porridge 1.00
Hashbrown potatoes 1.00
Pancakes 1.00
Different styles of eggs 1.00
Bread & toasts 0.70
Tea, Coffee & Chocolate  

Soft drink + Beer + Hard drink

Please find what other customer said about the foods :-

Advance order time for same day service

  1. For Breakfast between 6.30 am to 10.30 am.
  2. For Lunch 1.30 hours in advance.
  3. For Dinner 5.45 pm is last.

You can call or write a mail if you want to eat in a particular day.

Contact for order
Cozy restaurant
Lakeside Pokhara
Tel  061-524990
e-mail :

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Sponsor :- New Pokhara Lodge, lakeside pokhara
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