Internet and Email in Nepal

 Internet and email are available in most parts of Nepal. Cyber cafes and most of the standard hotel offer wireless wi fi internet access for Laptop and Smart Phones. Price depends on hotels standard & location. Normal price to use internet facilities from Cybe cafe is Rs 25 to 100 per hours. Good news to know that Wimax, ADSL Internet, Optical Fiber Internet, Wi-Fi internet is available in major town of Nepal. Most of the hotels in Nepal offer high speed 256 kbps, 520 kbps, 5Mbps, 10 Mbps and 25 Mbps per second wireless Wi Fi for your laptop and Smart Phones. Find best hotel for you in Nepal.

New Pokhara Lodge Lakeside offer high speed 500 Kbps Wimax Wi-Fi to Optical Fiber 10 Mbps Wi-Fi internet to their guest. If you don't have your Laptop then you can use hotels desktop computer free of cost.



ADSL Internet, Wireless Internet, Wi-Fi internet


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