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Academy of Model Aeronautics :

Model Technology : Model Technology's partner programs offer you a large number of companies to enhance your ModelSim use.

SWISS-MODEL : Swiss Model.

International List of Scale ModelThe ultimate web resource for Scale, R/C, and Railroad modelers.

Model Railroader Magazine : Model Railroader has been the world's largest magazine on model trains and model railroad layouts for more than 70 years.

Model Bylaws of the AWSCPA : This society is an affiliate of AWSCPA and is therefore subject to its affiliate requirements.

Models Leather and Lingerie Affiliate Program : modeling sites and as an extra service we can cross promote you with feature model programs.



The real meaning of a model =  representation in three dimensions of an existing person or thing or of a proposed structure, simplified description of a system etc., to assist calculations and predictions.  to be reproduced in another material.  particular design or style, a exemplary person or thing. ideal, exemplary,  person employed to pose for an artist or photographer or to wear clothes etc. for display, garment etc. by a well-known designer, or a copy of  a fashion or shape in clay, wax, etc.  form of a thing in imitation of a act or pose as a model. a person acting as a model.

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