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For most travellers, Nepal comes high on their hit list of places to visit. With eight of the world`s ten highest peaks, one could argue Nepal has the most majestic scenery in the world. And with a long meandering history that has shaped the country`s deeply appealing and welcoming culture, this country has the full package. Here is what you can expect to find from the accommodation perspective.

Tea houses represent a convenient, low cost way to trek some of the mountain passes self supported. Tea houses provide lodges accommodation, situated in villages and small settlements where water, food and other supplies are also available. No need to drag the tent and other heavy camping gear with you! The most well known trek in Nepal is to Everest Base camp; a sort of canvas village where you may end up staying in something like a sturdy tepee, complete with a mini ray burner to cook with and keep you warm.

You can stay in a guest house with Nepalese villagers and experience their own rural way of life. Most of the people in Nepal live in the mountainous countryside in relative poverty. Staying with families in this way is playing a major role in bringing more prosperity to remote areas of Nepal. You will also get opportunities to join in with local activities such as farming and gardening, fishing and festivals.

If you are trekking in the more remote or high altitude parts of Nepal, you may be carrying much of your lodgings with you; modern lightweight tents. Guided trips will take you deep into the mountain wilderness, with Sherpas and livestock to bear most of the weight and keep you safe on the rocky mountain terrain.

When booking into hotels in urban areas, expect the prices to be highest in Kathmandu, the capital city of Nepal. Prices for four star equivalent rooms and above are fixed and will be in the hundreds of Dollars for plush apartments or private villas, but it is normal to do some haggling when booking rooms in the hotels and guesthouses of three star equivalent and below. This is both on the price and the type of room on offer. Check the different rooms in the establishment to see if there are any major discrepancies in size or facilities and expect to get a sizeable discount if you stay for a long period. You may find that most budget accommodation struggles to provide hot water or electricity around the clock but with prices in the tens of dollars, accommodation will be one of the least expensive costs for you on your Nepalese adventure.

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