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With eight of the ten highest mountains on the planet situated in Nepal, this land-locked country can rightly claim to be the `rooftop of the world`. It is home to Mount Everest, the birthplace of Buddha and has as its capital Kathmandu once regarded as the fabled and inaccessible Shangri-La.

Despite switching from a monarchy to a republic back in 2008, Nepal has lost none of its essential qualities. It still has that timeless almost spiritual feel, a closeness to the innate and a deep sense of the unknown. It is no surprise that annually over 100,000 trekkers visit Nepal travelling by foot, mountain bike, car, rickshaw, bus, train, raft, boat, helicopter or plane to reach their chosen destination. This wild, unforgiving land has become the `Superbowl` or `FA Cup Final` for the intrepid back-packer.

As for any journey the choice of clothing and attire is important but even more so if considering a trip to Nepal. For the most part there are four distinct seasons, each bringing its specific conditions. January to March is the cold period with minimum temperatures of -10◦C. With extreme cold in the elevated regions, it is impossible to trek there at this time of year. The levels of snowfall prevent travel any higher than about 13,000 feet.

With dry and warm weather between April and June, it is often the best time for expeditions. Despite the soaring temperatures which can reach 40◦C, there is also a recognition of spring in the air with an abundance of flowers blooming across the country.

The monsoon season runs from June to September with one hour of monsoon rain every two or three days. It certainly clears the air, never mind the streets and with lower lodging prices and fewer tourists often isn`t a bad time to travel.

With clear and cool weather between October and December, there is, after the monsoon, not much dust in the air and so it can be a good time to visit the hilly and mountainous regions.

And what a country it is too. Imagine walking through what seem like forests of rhododendron, through small villages and mountain hamlets and meeting with warm and friendly people from the different cultures and religions that make this skyline kingdom work. Rub shoulders with the past as you pass temples and monasteries and gasp at some of the world`s most breathtaking scenery.

Outside the mountainous regions, lightweight, tropical clothing will suffice in the rainy months but a good coat would be needed for the clearer and cooler weather especially at night. When trekking in the mountains, whatever time of year high quality gear than can handle minus temperatures is recommended. Nepal is to be taken seriously. So for those spot-on jackets, hats, gloves, socks and other accessories look no further than Volcom uk  who will be only too pleased to help.


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